PW News May 2016

PW News ~ May 2016

It's hard to believe that May is here and another PW year is coming to an end!  This has been a wonderful year for PW.  We have learned and grown in many ways: in our faith journeys, in stronger friendships, in contributions to missions too numerous to mention, and in our love and support for one another.  

The Ruth Circle has enjoyed the Horizon's Bible Study, Come to the Waters, exploring some of the 800 references to water in the Bible and the ways in which the scriptures on water nourish our souls.  The Rebekah Circle and the Joy Bible study participated in another Beth Moore series, The Inheritance, discovering the Biblical ways in which we, as daughters of the King, embrace and live into our inheritance as heirs of the Kingdom.

At the spring Retreat, the theme was Joy, based on a study by Margaret Feinberg, which emphasized encouraging joy in our lives.  The study was so well received that CT is making plans to continue this study next fall. Be on the lookout for more information on this!

Speaking of fun times, PW also enjoyed a fun BBQ supper at the Fall Gathering, another wonderful Christmas Gathering at Altobelli's, and is ready to celebrate with a baked potato bar at the Birthday Gathering on May 3rd. We have enjoyed using potted plants for our centerpieces this year, which have been transplanted to a flower bed in front of the church.

As I mentioned, PW supports numerous missions which many people are unaware of.  Most of us know about the support we have provided this year to the Ferguson Cottage at Thornwell, as well as the sandwiches for Open Door and the Valentines for our college students.  But not everybody knows about the on-going support we also provide to Mission Haven and the Columbia Friendship Circle, as well as the Least Coin offering, the Thank Offering, World Wide Missions, Retreat scholarships, the Birthday Offering, Circle benevolences, and the local and national PW.  We have continued to be good stewards of our donations, and ended the year in the black (again)!

It has been a good year!  If you haven't been able to participate in PW activities this year, try to put PW on your calendar for next year.  I can promise it will be time well spent!

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving as your Moderator this year!

Beth Cotter, PW Moderator 

PW Treasurer Nicole Adams’ Report on Benevolences:

  • Thank Offering: $245
  • Mission Haven: $100
  • Presbytery of Greater Atlanta for support of PW: $163.63
  • World Wide Missions: $275
  • Columbia Friendship Circle: $100
  • Least Coin Total: $35.16
  • Rebekah Circle donated $150 to the Laurie Bass Scholarship Fund for Montreat.
  • Ruth Circle donated $150 in twin-sized sheets for the Honduras Mission Trip.