PW News December 2015

PW News ~ December 2015

Advent is upon us!  PW celebrated the beginning of the church year with a delightful dinner at Altobeli's Italian Restaurant and Piano Bar.  We enjoyed a serenade by an enthusiastic saxophone player as well as good conversation!  It feels good to begin the Advent season with close friends. It reminds us that Christmas isn't about the gifts but is about family, friends and love.

The PW Bible studies are going well.  The evening Rebekah Circle is enjoying the Beth Moore Inheritance series immensely - so much that the group opted to meet in December just to view the next episode (sometimes in the past we have skipped our December meeting).  It's certainly not too late to join in any of the three PW Bible studies, so if you're interested but not sure how to get started, please let me know!

I wish each and every woman of NPC and all of our friends a blessed Advent and a joyous, hope-filled Christmas!

Beth Cotter, PW Moderator


Book Club meets tonight at 7pm at Marline Kelly’s house.


December Mission

Thornwell was founded in 1875 by Presbyterian minister, William Jacobs, with the goals of “providing loving homes for abused, abandoned and neglected children and offer them hope for a successful future by providing a loving family environment, educational support and teaching self advocacy”. These children’s homes are in cottages where they live with other children their age. PW will support the individual children in the Ferguson Cottage (elementary boys) throughout the year, as well as have "tags" available at each circle meeting that identify more generic things needed by the entire Thornwell community. All items can be left throughout the month in the Mission’s Box in the Fireside Room.

For our elementary boys in Ferguson Cottage, we will be looking toward Spring and collecting assorted sporting items, for example: balls, bats, table tennis balls and racquets (see cottage update), jump ropes, Frisbees, sport drinks and snacks … be creative J More boys continue to join the cottage; we are now supporting Sandy (5th grade), Jay, Devin S. and Devin W (4th grade), Dre and Noah (3rd grade), AJ (2nd grade) and Jamie (1st grade). All items can be left in the Mission Box in the Fireside Room throughout the month. Thanks to everyone for all the items you have generously donated, so far. We are adding some FUN in the lives of these children!                       

Looking forward to a great year of giving!

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