PW News-- August 2016

A Word from Our Moderator: 

Presbyterian Women has many new and exciting programs beginning this Fall. Please join us for as many gatherings, Bible studies and mission projects as you are able. And if you can’t make each, class? No problem! We welcome you to drop in as you can. 

PW will have tables set up in the Narthex on August 7th -- before and after the worship service-- for you to collect information, buy your Bible study guides and sign up for our fall fellowship event. Please look for us and stop by. Here are our programs for this year:

Presbyterian Women Circles: NOTE: WE WILL MEET IN AUGUST THIS YEAR!!!

“Circles” (another word for small groups) meet once a month; our Rebekah Circle meets on the 3rd Tuesday evening of each month at 7:30 and Ruth Circle meets on the 3rd Wednesday morning of each month at 9:45. Both Circles meet in the Fireside Room.

Our study is entitled “Who Is Jesus?” Author Judy Yates Siker invites us to join her on “a journey to expand our understanding of who Jesus was and is.” Each of the study’s nine lessons explores the question “WHO is Jesus?” through a particular lens. Who is Jesus…

  • According to Mark, Matthew, Luke and John?
  • According to Paul and according to Hebrews?
  • According to the non-canonical gospels?
  • According to the other Abrahamic faiths?
  • According to contemporary cultural interpretations?

Study Guides are $8 and are formatted in “easy to read” magazine-style.

JOY Bible Study:

This group meets twice a month (usually the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays) in Room 139. We have two short Beth Moore studies this Fall; they are video-based and we will use a study/listening guide during each video segment. There is no homework/outside reading for these studies.

They are:

“Measureless Love:” Using scripture from Ephesians, we will ask ourselves:

  • Who do I keep trying to measure up TO?
  • Who do I keep trying to measure up FOR?
  • Who do I keep trying to measure God BY? 

“The Making of a More Honest Me:”

Using the story of Jacob found in Genesis 32 and 33, we will discover that:

  • We are here to become more honest versions of ourselves.
  • We can’t walk in our full birthright as “part fraud.”
  • We’ve got to work WITH people when we work.
  • Children of faith cannot wrestle with people without wrestling with God.
  • God can use a defeat to bring about victory.

Study guides for each study are $5.

Sherri Rogers


Upcoming Events:

Sunday, August 7th

PW Tea in Narthex

Tuesday, August 16th

Rebekah Circle, 7:00pm in the Fireside Room

Wednesday, August 17th

Ruth Circle, 9:45am in the Fireside Room

Wednesday, August 24th

JOY Bible Study, 9:45am in the Fireside Room

Saturday, September 10th

Thornwell Campus Visit

Tuesday, September 13th

Fall Gathering, 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. Click here to reserve your spot!

Wednesday, September 14th

JOY Bible Study, 9:45am in the Fireside Room

Tuesday, September 20th

Rebekah Circle, 7:00pm in the Fireside Room

Wednesday, September 21st

Ruth Circle, 9:45am in the Fireside Room

Wednesday, September 28th

JOY Bible Study, 9:45am in the Fireside Room


‘Dog Days of Summer’ Fall Gathering:

After 40-some days of 90+ degrees we're ready for fall.   Just think, cool, crispy mornings, colorful foliage, and lower electric bills.  We're looking forward to a great new year of PW, and, with your help, we can have an awesome Fall Gathering and kick off.

  • Date & Time: Tuesday, September 13th at 7:00pm
  • Location: Fellowship Hall
  • Cost: $8.00 per woman

Register Now! 

Thornwell Campus Visit: Saturday, September 10th

So, gather together a group of people who are interested in helping children develop in the faith and who want to see the home of our Thornwell ministry and let’s make a day trip. We’ll plan to assemble on the campus about 11 AM. During our 4 hours there we’ll visit children and Family Teachers in a cottage while enjoying a meal, we’ll visit the farm and we’ll learn about our ministry that is reaching hundreds of children and families each year.