PW Enews January 2014


A Word from Our Moderator

As we begin 2014, I know I am always reflective as well as hopeful that I can make and keep some of the New Year’s Resolutions that I have set for myself. As I do that for myself, I know that we will also be reflective as we set goals for the new year for Presbyterian Women. In 2013, we introduced “Downtime” our informal gatherings meeting at one of the women’s home. It was well received and made it easy for new members to meet other Presbyterian women. We also changed our Fall Gathering time for after worship service to encourage new members to join. We enjoyed and celebrated our Christmas gathering at Altobeli’s Restaurant in December. I think we have done a good job so far but we know we will continue to encourage and invite the women who are members and also visitors at Northminster. It is the connection to people that makes us feel good about worshipping and participating at church. Whether it is setting up for Cookies with Santa, relaxing on a retreat, or enjoying fellowship and bible study these are opportunities to connect and be a part.

With this in mind, January is the time to sign up to participate in the annual PW Retreat. It will be held April 25 - 27 at Whitepath Lodge in Ellijay, Georgia. All of the details and sign up information can be found on the Northminster website. Brochures are also available on the fellowship table. Consider attending and please take this opportunity to look at all NPC Presbyterian Women has to offer. Please step out of your comfort zone; you never know who you might meet.

Your Sister in Christ,

Sarah Dixon



Calendar Correction

Please note that the correct date and time for the Ruth Circle meeting this month is January 22, at 9:45am, in the Fireside Room.


PW Spiritual Growth

We will be starting a new bi-weekly morning Bible study in January. "Seed" is a 6-part series of short videos that includes thought-provoking, modern-day parables with corresponding Bible verses to study that relate to each topic covered in session. The sessions are "stand-alone" so if you miss one, you can jump in again at any time.

Here are the topics:

Forgotten: God notices our worth and cares for us at all times and in all seasons.

Enough: God is a good Father to us and He has taken care of you up to now, and He will continue to. His gifts are good and they are always good enough.

Control: We all want to do the "leading" and have "control" in our own life. Giving that up is difficult, but it is what God requires of us - and when we do so, we really can see that it is a beautiful result.

Armor: Priscilla speaks about our own spiritual armor and discusses how we can stand firm against the enemy.

Five: Priscilla speaks of the bad habits we seem to find ourselves going back over and over again.

Glory: This session helps us take our eyes off the year ahead and the worries that come with that, and instead to remember that our life is made up of today and God will take care of the rest.

There are 6 short video segments, very light reading for each session, and Bible verses to read through at your own pace for each session. The class time will consist of watching the short video and then Q&A about the topic. You don't have to have done the offered Bible reading to participate in the Q&A!! This is a really great study to do as much as you want or can; it gives you the opportunity to "go deep" or focus on a single verse for each session.

If you would like to participate, please contact Sherri Rogers at  and she will send you specific calendar dates and information.



PW Missions

Mission of the Month: January

Make Sandwiches for Open Door

Donate new or used blankets for Open Door

We will make Sandwiches for Open Door at Circles this month.

Please bring to your Circle Meeting:

Whole Wheat Bread

Sandwich Meat (Not Bologna)

Sliced Cheese

Next Month: If you would like your college student to receive a Valentine form PW in February, please contact Carol Millard at with a current school address no later than Monday, February 3rd.


PW Book Club

The list of books for January through May is here:

And the Mountains Echoed

Light Between Oceans

Calico Joe

Funeral Dress

Perfume Collector

Nan Brown is the coordinator of the book group and can be reached at


Save the dates – April 25 – 27 – Retreat with us

Do we mean it, when we claim – in the Westminster Shorter Catechism – that our chief purpose as Christians is to glorify and enjoy our God? 

Come retreat with us, to enjoy God and experience the benefits of play!

Together, we will explore the place of play in our lives as people of faith – and we will play together.


Our annual PW retreat will take place at Whitepath Lodge, in Ellijay. Details are in the attached brochure.


Northminster PW Calendar 2014


12 CT meeting – Budget planning

21 Rebekah Circle 7:00 pm

22 Ruth Circle 9:45 am

21 Fulton Schools Closed

28 Book Club 7:00 pm


2 CT meeting 12:15

12 Bi-Weekly Bible Study

18 Rebekah Circle 7:00 pm

19 Ruth Circle 9:45 am

25 Book Club 7:00 pm

26 Bi-Weekly Bible Study


2 CT meeting 12:15

12 Bi-Weekly Bible Study

18 Rebekah Circle 7:00 pm

19 Ruth Circle 9:45 am

25 Book Club 7:00 pm

26 Bi-Weekly Bible Study


7-11 Fulton Spring Break

6 CT meeting 12:15

9 Bi-Weekly Bible Study

15 Rebekah Circle 7:00 pm

16 Ruth Circle 9:45 am

23 Bi-Weekly Bible Study

25 Book Club 7:00 pm

25-27 PW Retreat Whitepath Lodge


6 Birthday Gathering 7:00 pm

Installation of new CT

27 Book Club 7:00 pm

23 Last Day of School


1 CT Transition meeting